“The problem was how to keep the wheels of industry turning without increasing the real wealth of the world. Goods must be produced, but they must not be distributed. And in practice the only way of achieving this was by continuous warfare.”

This is probably one of the greatest explanation for war. The first sentence presented 2 motives: keep the wheels of industry turning and not increasing the real wealth of the world. As the industry advances, the technology and science advance which strengthen the military ability of a country. We have seen in the twentieth century that any country that still base on agriculture are more vulnerable toward conquerors. On the contrary, raising the overall wealth of the world would bring it to a utopia state where everyone has equal rights, wealth and knowledge. The most dangerous problem when everyone possess the reasonable level of knowledge is they can start thinking for themselves and they will not rely on the privileged minority any longer.

The only practical solution to keep the industry advancing while maintaining the level of wealth in the real world is by continuous warfare. (I love this reason)

I have finished the book, it actually put me into a depressing period which I feel there is no escape. The last sentence when Winston announced his sanity, that he was cured, sent chill down my spine. Can you actually do that? Can you actually put them in prison, torture them, starve them to nearly death, scare all love out of them? And yet, they were made sane, concretely believed in all ideals of the Party. The Party didn’t do it to set off example for the masses. They did it to each individual, to change their individuality. Reasonably, they could have done it to one person and shown it to everyone. It would cut so much time and effort instead of torturing them one by one. But no, they did not do that, they chose to cure each individual. They kept what was inside Ministry of Love (or Miniluv) a secret and until they were convicted for a thoughtcrime, no one could ever imagine what were waiting for them there, what was waiting for them in Room 101.

I was never an idealist. In fact, I think, I set ideals but I have no intention of making them a reality. Partly, it was because of the nature of the country I am living in. From some perspectives, it could be just like the Big Brother society in 1984 but more primitive and subtle. Primitive in the way people are watched over. CCTVs are luxurious. No Thought police, no Miniluv or Minitruth. But yet, no one even cares. People may commit their thoughtcrime out loud but when it comes to the judgement day, they will kneel and kiss all the possible asses. Subtle because of the definition of freedom and equality. There are too much contradictions in these words. We have the right to vote, but for someone who can barely be described as our representatives. We have freedom for religion, but most religions other than Buddhism are easily considered reactionary. We have genders equality, but same sex marriage is illegal. According to O’Brien, if one is to be in power and wants to remain in power, he must be less ruthless and less subtle. In a way, people must love him, but they must love him while he is torturing them. It’s like a good sardistic sex. You may kill or be killed on the bed but it gives you the best feeling in the world. By the way, sexual pleasure must be abolished in such society and it would only be used for reproduction. When medicals are more advanced, as it is now, sex is redundancy and there is no use of it soon.


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